Candidate Profile: Ted Terry

Ted Headshot

Ted Terry emphasizes the importance of a strong neighborhood watch. He would also implement green initiatives that would benefit the city over the long term

Ted Terry has lived in Clarkston for two years, has worked in nonprofit consulting and development and for multiple regional politicians, and has been active in local initiatives like the Clarkston Active Living Initiative (CALI) and the Clarkston Green Team. He studied Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Florida, and has been a strong advocate for green technology and use of solar energy in Georgia.

Terry is campaigning to make the city safer, greener, and more economically prosperous. He emphasized first the need for a strong neighborhood watch, while at the same time advocating more efficiency measures to ensure government buildings are environmentally friendly and LEED-certified. He believes that green technology will put Clarkston on the map, attract new businesses to the city, and pay off in the long run.

“We have an opportunity in this town to build bridges across cultures. And we can do more in this town than at the UN up in New York, with their suits and ties,” he said.

Terry would create a Downtown Development Authority, which would be an informal government committee that would lobby for increased business development in Clarkston. He said there should always be people available to sell Clarkston as a place that people want to go to.

To make the city safer, Terry proposed holding monthly meetings for neighborhood watch programs and refugee communities who feel they have been targeted to communicate openly with the police. He said that neighborhoods need to build networks watching out for each other, and that apartment complexes need to repair fences surrounding them so criminals will not be able to break in. He also wants to make to court dates more flexible, so it possible for people who work full daytime hours to go on nights or weekends.

“I’ve knocked on hundreds of doors, with my clipboard,” he said. “By and large people want to have safer sidewalks, a greener city, and things for their kids to do.”

Ted Terry says that he would work to make the city government more accessible, and that it would be a personal point of pride for him to get every person eligible to vote to come out and vote. His vision is that a safe and engaged community, paired with sustainable development, would make Clarkston a world-class city.

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